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S51473 P504s IHC Stain and Interpretation [19252X]  
36162 p53 Oncoprotein, IHC with Interpretation  
19254 p63 Oncoprotein, IHC with Interpretation  
19387 p63 Oncoprotein, IHC without Interpretation  
2559 Pacific Squid (f58) Ige  
92459 Pain Managemen Profile 1 with Confirmation, with D/L Isomers, without medMATCH, Urine  
92458 Pain Managemen Profile 1 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
92461 Pain Managemen Profile 2 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
92462 Pain Managemen Profile 4 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
92463 Pain Managemen Profile 5 with Confirmation, with D/L Isomers, without medMATCH, Urine  
92464 Pain Managemen Profile 6 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
92465 Pain Managemen Profile 7 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
92490 Pain Managemen Profile 8 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
16217 Pain Management Alcohol Metabolites, Quantitative, Urine  
92483 Pain Management Amphetamines with D/L Isomers, Quantitative, Urine  
4620U Pain Management Amphetamines, Quant, Urine  
4624U Pain Management Barbiturates, Quant, Urine  
16259 Pain Management Base Profile with Confirmation, Urine  
16457 Pain Management Base Profile with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
4615U Pain Management Base Profile without Confirmation, Urine  
16914 Pain Management Benzodiazepines, Quantitative, Urine  
16887 Pain Management Benzodiazepines, with Confirmation, Urine  
4683U Pain Management Buprenorphine Screen w/Confirmation, Urine  
4685U Pain Management Buprenorphine Screen without Confirm, Urine  
4684U Pain Management Buprenorphine, Quant, Urine  
4686U Pain Management Carisoprodol Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4638U Pain Management Cocaine Metabolite Screen w/Confirm, Urine  
4636U Pain Management Cocaine Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4692U Pain Management Fentanyl, Quant, Urine  
4688U Pain Management Gabapentin, Quant, Urine  
4696U Pain Management Heroin Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
90329 Pain Management Heroin Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4634U Pain Management Marijuana Metabolite Screen w/Confirm, Urine  
4632U Pain Management Marijuana Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4695U Pain Management MDMA/MDA Screen w/Confirmation, Urine  
4694U Pain Management MDMA/MDA, Quant, Urine  
90331 Pain Management MDMA/MDA, Quant, Urine  
4698U Pain Management Meperidine, Quant, Urine  
4642U Pain Management Methadone Screen w/Confirmation, Urine  
4640U Pain Management Methadone, Quant, Urine  
16892 Pain Management Oxycodone, with Confirmation, Urine  
4654U Pain Management Phencyclidine Screen w/Confirmation, Urine  
4652U Pain Management Phencyclidine, Quant, Urine  
4690U Pain Management Pregabalin, Quant, Urine  
92450 Pain Management Profile 1 with Confirmation, Urine  
92451 Pain Management Profile 1 with Confirmation, with D/L Isomers, Urine  
92466 Pain Management Profile 1, without Confirmation, Urine  
92453 Pain Management Profile 2 with Confirmation, Urine  
92467 Pain Management Profile 2, without Confirmation, Urine  
16854 Pain Management Profile 3 with Confirmation, Urine  
16456 Pain Management Profile 3 with Confirmation, without medMATCH, Urine  
4675U Pain Management Profile 3 without Confirmation, Urine  
92454 Pain Management Profile 4 with Confirmation, Urine  
92468 Pain Management Profile 4, without Confirmation, Urine  
90318 Pain Management Profile 5 w/Confirm, w/o medMATCH™, Urine  
90348 Pain Management Profile 5 with Confirmation, Urine  
92455 Pain Management Profile 5 with Confirmation, with D/L Isomers, Urine  
90347 Pain Management Profile 5 without Confirmation, Urine  
92456 Pain Management Profile 6 with Confirmation, Urine  
92457 Pain Management Profile 7 with Confirmation, Urine  
92489 Pain Management Profile 8 with Confirmation, Urine  
16922 Pain Management Propoxyphene Metabolite, Quantitative, Urine  
4658U Pain Management Propoxyphene Screen w/Confirmation, Urine  
4656U Pain Management Propoxyphene, Quant, Urine  
16894 Pain Management Propoxyphene,with Confirmation, Urine  
4352U Pain Management Specimen Validity Test, Urine  
16906 Pain Management Tramadol, Quantitative, Urine  
4680U Pain Management Tricyclic Antidepressants, Quant, Urine  
16910 Pain Management, Alcohol Metabolites with Confirmation, Urine  
92142 Pain Management, Alcohol Metabolites, Quantitative, with medMATCH, Urine  
4622U Pain Management, Amphetamines Screen, with Confirmation, Urine - (16885)  
92484 Pain Management, Amphetamines with D/L Isomers, Quantitative, with medMATCH, Urine  
91590 Pain Management, Amphetamines, with Confirmation, with D/L Isomers, with medMATCH, Urine  
92222 Pain Management, Amphetamines, No Confirmation, Urine  
91589 Pain Management, Amphetamines, with Confirmation, with D/L Isomers, Urine  
4626U Pain Management, Barbiturates Screen, with Confirmation, Urine - (16886)  
92223 Pain Management, Barbiturates, No Confirmation, Urine  
92224 Pain Management, Benzodiazepines, No Confirmation, Urine  
93094 Pain Management, Buprenorphine and Naloxone, Quantitative, Urine  
93093 Pain Management, Buprenorphine with Confirmation including Naloxone  
92225 Pain Management, Cocaine Metabolite, No Confirmation, Urine  
18946 Pain Management, CYP450 2D6/2C19 Genotype, Qualitative  
91617 Pain Management, CYP450 3A4 Genotype, Qualitative  
91618 Pain Management, CYP450 3A5 Genotype, Qualitative  
4691U Pain Management, Heroin Metabolite Screen, with Confirmation, Urine - (16911)  
92226 Pain Management, Heroin Metabolite, No Confirmation, Urine  
92227 Pain Management, Marijuana Metabolite, No Confirmation, Urine  
92228 Pain Management, MDMA, No Confirmation, Urine  
92229 Pain Management, Methadone Metabolite, No Confirmation, Urine  
90319 Pain Management, Methamphetamine, D/L Isomers, Urine  
90246 Pain Management, Methylphenidate Metabolite, Qn, Urine  
93753 Pain Management, Naltrexone, Quantitative, Urine  
16298 Pain Management, Opiates, Expanded Quantitative, Urine  
92230 Pain Management, Opiates, No Confirmation, Urine  
16891 Pain Management, Opiates, with Confirmation, Urine  
92231 Pain Management, Oxycodone, No Confirmation, Urine  
16920 Pain Management, Oxycodone, Quantitative, Urine  
92232 Pain Management, Phencyclidine, No Confirmation, Urine  
92233 Pain Management, Propoxyphene, No Confirmation, Urine  
90079 Pain Mgmt, Alcohol Metab, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70209 Pain Mgmt, Amphetamines, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70245 Pain Mgmt, Amphetamines, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70230 Pain Mgmt, Barbiturates, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70246 Pain Mgmt, Barbiturates, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70231 Pain Mgmt, Benzodiazepines, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70247 Pain Mgmt, Benzodiazepines, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
18998 Pain Mgmt, Buprenorphine, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70249 Pain Mgmt, Buprenorphine, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
18999 Pain Mgmt, Carisoprodol Metab, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
90082 Pain Mgmt, Cocaine Metab, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70248 Pain Mgmt, Cocaine Metab, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
18996 Pain Mgmt, Fentanyl, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70205 Pain Mgmt, Gabapentin, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
90333 Pain Mgmt, Heroin Metab, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
90081 Pain Mgmt, Heroin Metab, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70233 Pain Mgmt, Marijuana Metab, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
18989 Pain Mgmt, Marijuana Metab, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
90334 Pain Mgmt, MDMA/MDA, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
90078 Pain Mgmt, MDMA/MDA, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70206 Pain Mgmt, Meperidine, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70234 Pain Mgmt, Methadone, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
18990 Pain Mgmt, Methadone, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
90247 Pain Mgmt, Methylphenidate Metab, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70237 Pain Mgmt, Opiates Expanded, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
18991 Pain Mgmt, Opiates, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70238 Pain Mgmt, Oxycodone, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
18992 Pain Mgmt, Oxycodone, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
90083 Pain Mgmt, Phencyclidine, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
18993 Pain Mgmt, Phencyclidine, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
70208 Pain Mgmt, Pregabalin, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70239 Pain Mgmt, Propoxyphene Metab, Qn, w/medMATCH™h, U  
18995 Pain Mgmt, Propoxyphene Metab, w/Conf, w/medMATCH™, U  
90321 Pain Mgmt, Syn Stimulants Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
90322 Pain Mgmt, Syn Stimulants, Qn, U  
90243 Pain Mgmt, Tapentadol, Qn, Urine  
90244 Pain Mgmt, Tapentadol, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70207 Pain Mgmt, Tramadol, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
70204 Pain Mgmt, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Qn, w/medMATCH™, U  
92571 PALB2 Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication  
91895 Paliperidone  
1866 PAN-ANCA™ Evaluation  
40018 Pan-cytokeratin (AE1/AE3 and PCK26), IHC with Interpretation  
40040 Pan-cytokeratin AE1/AE3 and PCK26), IHC w/o Interpretation  
14693 Pancreatic Elastase 1  
93933 Pancreatic Polypeptide, Plasma  
17072 Papain (k201) Ige**  
2720 Papaya (f293) Ige**  
2734 Paper Wasp (i4) Ige  
3047 Paprika (f218) Ige  
S50343 Parainfluenza Ab, Serum [40755]  
2424 Parainfluenza Types 1-3 Antigen  
93876 Paraneoplastic Ab Eval. W/rfx To Titer And Western Blot Bas.  
94536 Paraneoplastic Antibody Evaluation with Reflex to Titer and WB, Basic, CSF  
94603 Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation With Recombx®, CSF  
3950 Parasite Identification, Worm  
1104 Parietal Cell Total Autoantibodies  
94148 Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria(pnh) W/flaer(high Sensi)  
2663 Parrot/parakeet Droppings (e77) Ige  
2662 Parrot/parakeet Feathers (e78) Ige  
2861 Parsley (f86) Ige  
763 Partial Thromboplastin Time, Activated (APTT) [763]  
8946X Parvovirus B19 Antibodies (IgG, IgM)  
8945 Parvovirus B19 Antibody (IgG)  
8948 Parvovirus B19 Antibody (IgM)  
S49972 Parvovirus B19 DNA [43010]  
S51752 Parvovirus B19 DNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR [43100]  
2724 Passion Fruit (f294) Ige**  
90474 PAX8/PPAR[gamma] Translocation, Thyroid Cancer  
94047 PD-L1 Bladder (Atezolizumab), IHC  
94480 PD-L1 Lung (Atezolizumab), IHC  
93359 Pd-l1 Lung (nivolumab), Ihc  
93279 PD-L1 Lung (Pembrolizumab), IHC  
93793 PD-L1 Melanoma (Nivolumab), IHC  
91969 PD-L1 Monocyte Expression, SLE Flare  
S52487 PDGFRA Mutation Analysis [16859]  
2812 Pea (f12) Ige  
8405 Peach (f95) Ige  
2813 Peanut (f13) Ige  
91681 Peanut Component Panel  
RZZ Peanut Component Panel  
91747 Peanut, Total with Reflex to Peanut Component Panel  
8884 Pear (f94) Ige  
10325 Pecan Food IgG*  
94399 Pecan Food IgG4*  
2864 Pecan Nut (f201) Ige  
3310 Penicillium Glabrum (p. Frequentans)(m209)ige**  
2701 Penicillium Notatum (m1) Ige  
702 Penicilloyl G (c1) IgE  
703 Penicilloyl V (c2) IgE  
S51464 Pentobarbital, Serum [700X]  
30765 Peppertree (rt217) Ige **  
93744 Perampanel, Serum/Plasma  
2305 Perennial Rye Grass (g5) Ige  
94088 Perfluorooctanoic Acid, Blood  
833X Peripheral Blood Smear Interpretation  
3252 Persimmon (kaki fruit) (f301) IgE**  
5367 pH, Body Fluid  
S51374 pH, Feces [1304]  
4183 Phencyclidine (PCP) Confirmation Serum  

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