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37933 Ia-2 Antibody  
S51483 Ibuprofen [36871e]  
539 Iga  
34188 Iga Subclasses  
4447 Iga, Csf  
540 Iga, Saliva  
S51584 Igd, Serum [541x]  
S51316 Igf Binding Protein-1 [36590]  
S51427 Igf Binding Protein-2 (igfbp-2) [37102x]  
34458 Igf Binding Protein-3 (igfbp-3)  
S51997 Igf-1, Lc/ms [16293]  
92790 Igf-2  
7558 Igg Synthesis Rate/index, Csf  
4448 Igg, Csf  
1505 Igg, Serum  
S41172 Igg1 & 4 Food Antibody Assay  
1508 Igm  
4449 Igm, Csf  
S50975 Igvh Mutation [15480x]  
887 Imipramine  
S51585 Immune Complex Detection By C1q Binding [36735]  
1341 Immune Status Panel - Mmr  
37962 Immunofixation, Csf  
549 Immunofixation, Serum  
213 Immunofixation, Urine  
542 Immunoglobulin E  
5425 Immunoglobulin G Subclass 1  
5426 Immunoglobulin G Subclass 2  
5427 Immunoglobulin G Subclass 3  
5428 Immunoglobulin G Subclass 4  
1623 Immunoglobulin G Subclasses Panel  
6705 Immunoglobulins Panel, Csf  
7083 Immunoglobulins Panel, Serum  
669 Indican  
8887 Industrial Cadmium Screen  
16503 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Differentiation Panel  
36301 Infliximab Ab for IBD  
36302 Infliximab Ab for Rheum  
36303 Infliximab Level For Ibd  
36310 Infliximab Level For Rheumatic Diseases  
36311 Infliximab Level/Ab, IBD  
36312 Infliximab Level/Ab, Rheum  
16086 Influenza A and B RNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR  
91335 Influenza A And B Virus With Subtyping, Real-time Pcr  
S52347 Influenza A Virus H1/h3 Subtyping By Real-time Rt-pcr[42690]  
S50502 Influenza Virus Types A & B Ab, Cf Csf [60585]  
2423 Influenza Virus, Types A & B Detection [dfa]  
19361 Inhibin (alpha Subunit), Ihc Without Interpretation  
34472 Inhibin A  
34445 Inhibin B  
S51454 Insect Venom Panel Igg [23925x]  
S51432 Insect Venom, Paper Wasp Igg [8640x]  
S51403 Insect Venom, White Faced Hornet Igg [8642x]  
3192 Insulin  
36178 Insulin Autoantibody  
S50996 Insulin Response To Glucose, 2 Specimens [6697x]  
S50790 Insulin Response To Glucose, 3 Specimens [6695x]  
S50750 Insulin Response To Glucose, 4 Specimens [6694x]  
S50747 Insulin Response To Glucose, 5 Specimens [6693x]  
S50776 Insulin Response To Glucose, 6 Specimens [6691x]  
S50746 Insulin Response To Glucose, 7 Specimens [6690x]  
91083 Insulin, B-chain  
2755 Insulin, Bovine (c71) Ige**  
36700 Insulin, Free (bioactive)  
2760 Insulin, Human (c73) Ige  
93103 Insulin, Intact, Lc/ms/ms  
2754 Insulin, Porcine (c70) Ige**  
34887 Interferon-alpha  
S51553 Interferon-beta Igg, Maid (reflex To Neutralization) [20358]  
S51418 Interleukin 2 [34161]  
38190 Interleukin 6  
S52033 Interleukin-1 Beta [1757z]  
94392 Interleukin-10 (il-10) Serum [1212]  
34298 Interleukin-2 Receptor Alpha Chain (IL-2RA/CD25), Soluable  
10213 Interleukin-4 (il-4) Serum  
34473 Interleukin-6 (il-6), Serum  
568 Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody  
S51887 Iodine Random Urine [16601]  
S52099 Iodine Serum/plasma [16599]  
S51886 Iodine, 24-hr Urine [16602]  
93208 Ion Profile Ny, Blood/urine  
7573X Iron And Total Iron Binding Capacity  
3536 Iron Liver  
S51408 Iron, 24 Hour Urine [17515x]  
571 Iron, Total  
36741 Islet Cell Antibody Screen With Reflex To Titer  
37917 Isocyanate Hdi (k77) Ige  
37918 Isocyanate Mdi (k76) Ige  
37919 Isocyanate Tdi (k75) Ige  
3356 Isohemagglutinin Titer  
92955 Isolated Dystonia Evauluation [639]  
2753 Ispaghula (psyllium)(k72) Ige  
2523X Italian Cypress (t23) Ige  
94092 Itraconazole  

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