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671 5' Nucleotidase  
683 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme  
6634 Aureobasidium Pullulans (m12) Ige  
6631 Bilirubin, Total And Direct, Neonatal  
6060 Bismuth, Random Urine  
6647 Botrytis Cinerea (m7) Ige  
672 Cadmium, Random Urine  
6071 Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Free  
6399 Cbc (includes Differential And Platelets)  
6085 Chromium, Blood  
618 Complement, Total (ch50)  
6547 Corticosterone  
6680 Curvularia Lunata (m16) Ige  
6732 Cytomegalovirus Antibodies (igg, Igm)  
6692 Epicoccum Purpurascens (m14) Ige  
6421 Epstein-barr Virus Antibody Panel  
6696 Fusarium Moniliforme (m9) Ige  
6711 Helminthosporium Halodes (m8) Ige  
6462 Hepatitis Panel, General  
6447 Herpes Simplex Virus 1 And 2 (igg), Type-specific Antibodies  
654 Heterophile, Mono Screen  
6346 Homovanillic Acid (hva), Random Urine  
6705 Immunoglobulins Panel, Csf  
669 Indican  
601 Lead, Urine  
688 Legionella Culture  
615 Lh  
605 Lidocaine  
606 Lipase  
613 Lithium  
6646 Lyme Disease Antibody With Reflex To Blot (igg,igm)  
619 Lysozyme (muramidase)  
623 Magnesium, Rbc  
6179 Magnesium, Urine With Creatinine  
626 Manganese, Blood  
6183 Manganese, Random Urine  
631 Melanin  
636 Mercury, Blood  
637 Mercury, Random Urine  
6215 Morphine, Free (Unconjugated), Serum  
6744 Mouse Serum Proteins (e76) Ige  
60712 Mumps Antibody Panel, Ifa (csf)  
659 Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody (igg)  
663 Myelin Basic Protein  
660 Myoglobin, Serum  
661 Myoglobin, Urine  
674 Oligoclonal Bands (igg), Csf  
681 Ova And Parasites, Concentrate And Permanent Smear  
6770 Phoma Betae (m13) Ige  
6278 Propafenone  
6778 Rat Serum Proteins (e75) Ige  
6781 Rhizopus Nigricans (m11) Ige  
6419 Rickettsia (RMSF) Antibodies (IgG,IgM) with Reflex to Titers  
6296 Selenium, Blood  
6799 Stemphylium Botryosum (m10) Ige  
6805 Tea (f222) Ige**  
6807 Tobacco Leaf (ro201) Ige**  
653 Treponema Pallidum Antibody, Particle Agglutination  
6809 Trichoderma Viride (m15) Ige  
6651 Valproic Acid, Total And Free  
6354 Zinc, Rbc  

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