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4929X Acetylcholinesterase  
4645 Adrenal Antibody Screen With Reflex to Titer  
4102 Alcohol, Ethyl Serum  
4102U Alcohol, Ethyl Urine  
4912 Alprazolam  
4862W Aluminum Whole Blood  
4862UR Aluminum, Random Urine W/creatinine  
423 Amitriptyline  
4867W Arsenic, Blood  
4471 Bacterial Identification, Anaerobic  
4072 Bactericidal Permeability-increasing (bpi) Prot Igg Autoabs  
4090 Benzodiazepines Serum  
4944 Beta-2-Microglobulin, Urine  
4668 Bile Acids, Fractionated And Total  
4420U Buprenorphine Screen, Urine  
4420 C-reactive Protein (crp)  
4698 Ca 19-9  
4836U Calcium 24hr Urine  
4836 Calcium, Total  
4475 Campylobacter, Culture  
4662 Cardiolipin Antibodies (igg) [4662]  
4661 Cardiolipin Antibody (iga) [4661]  
4663 Cardiolipin Antibody (igm) [4663]  
40037 Cd21, Ihc With Interpretation  
40016 Cd21, Ihc Without Interpretation  
4616 Citric Acid, 24-hour Urine with Creatinine  
4408 Clostridium Difficile Cytotoxicity Assay  
4964 Clozapine  
4170 Cocaine & Metabolites Confirmation Serum  
4870 Copper  
4859 Copper Liver  
4212 Cortisol, A.m.  
4451 Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes (ck Isoenzymes) With Total Ck  
4446 Culture, Aerobic And Anaerobic With Gram Stain  
4469 Culture, Anaerobic Bacteria With Gram Stain  
4605X Culture,fungus,skin,hair,nail W/direct Fluorescent/koh  
403 Cytomegalovirus Antibody (igg)  
412 Desipramine  
402 Dhea Sulfate, Immunoassay  
418 Digoxin  
4865 Diphtheria Antitoxoid  
416 Disopyramide  
4620U Drug Monitoring, Amphetamines, Quantitative, Urine  
4622U Drug Monitoring, Amphetamines, with Confirmation, Urine  
4624U Drug Monitoring, Barbiturates, Quantitative, Urine  
4626U Drug Monitoring, Barbiturates, with Confirmation, Urine  
4615U Drug Monitoring, Base Panel, Screen, Urine  
4684U Drug Monitoring, Buprenorphine, Quantitative, Urine  
4685U Drug Monitoring, Buprenorphine, Screen, Urine  
4683U Drug Monitoring, Buprenorphine, with Confirmation, Urine  
4686U Drug Monitoring, Carisoprodol Metabolite, Quantitative, Urine  
4636U Drug Monitoring, Cocaine Metabolite, Quantitative, Urine  
4638U Drug Monitoring, Cocaine Metabolite, with Confirmation, Urine  
4692U Drug Monitoring, Fentanyl, Quantitative, Urine  
4688U Drug Monitoring, Gabapentin, Quantitative, Urine  
4691U Drug Monitoring, Heroin Metabolite, with Confirmation, Urine  
453 Drug Screen Panel 4, Meconium  
4021 Estradiol  
439 Estrogen, Total, Serum  
40083 Factor Viii Inhibitor Panel  
40065 Fentanyl And Norfentanyl, Serum  
461 Fibrinogen Activity, Clauss [461]  
458 Fibrinogen Degredation Products (fdp) [458]  
40047 Fish, Chromosome-specific Probe (x1), Follow-up Study  
4480U Flunitrazepam And Metabolites, Quantitative, Urine  
467 Folate, Rbc  
466 Folate, Serum  
470 Fsh (follicle Stimulating Hormone)  
478 Gastrin  
481 Gentamicin  
444 Gentamicin, Peak And Trough  
483 Glucose  
468 Glucose, Csf  
497 Gram Stain  
4505 Haemophilus influenzae Type B Antigen, LA  
496 Hemoglobin A1c  
414 Heparin-induced Platelet Antibody  
4990 Hepatitis D Antibody, Total  
40085 Hiv 1 Rna, Quantitative Real-time Pcr  
4447 Iga, Csf  
4448 Igg, Csf  
4449 Igm, Csf  
4411 Lactate Dehydrogenase (ld) Isoenzyme Panel  
4191 Leflunomide Metabolite  
4866 Magnesium  
411 Meperidine, Gc/ms, Serum  
4192 Methadone Confirmation Serum  
4109U Methadone Screen Urine W/reflex Confirmation  
4554 Mycobacteria, Culture, With Fluorochrome Smear  
4639 Myelin Antibody (igg), Ifa [4639x]  
4266 N-telopeptide Serum  
449 Nonesterified Fatty Acids (free Fatty Acids)  
4176 Oxycodone And Metabolite, Quantitative, Serum  
4696U Pain Management Heroin Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4634U Pain Management Marijuana Metabolite Screen W/confirm, Urine  
4632U Pain Management Marijuana Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4695U Pain Management Mdma/mda Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4694U Pain Management Mdma/mda, Quant, Urine  
4698U Pain Management Meperidine, Quant, Urine  
4642U Pain Management Methadone Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4640U Pain Management Methadone, Quant, Urine  
4654U Pain Management Phencyclidine Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4652U Pain Management Phencyclidine, Quant, Urine  
4690U Pain Management Pregabalin, Quant, Urine  
4675U Pain Management Profile 3 Without Confirmation, Urine  
4658U Pain Management Propoxyphene Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4656U Pain Management Propoxyphene, Quant, Urine  
4352U Pain Management Specimen Validity Test, Urine  
4680U Pain Management Tricyclic Antidepressants, Quant, Urine  
40040 Pan-cytokeratin (ae1/ae3 And Pck26), Ihc W/o Interpretation  
40018 Pan-cytokeratin (ae1/ae3 And Pck26), Ihc With Interpretation  
4143 Phenytoin, Free  
4496X Pinworm Examination  
4458 Plasminogen Activity [4458]  
4847 Prealbumin  
4304 Pregabalin  
40049 Prolactin, Dilution Study (40049)  
4948 Protein C Antigen [4948]  
4674 Recombx(r) Amphiphysin Autoantibody Test  
4684 Recombx(r) Car (anti-recoverin) Autoantibody Test  
4681 Recombx(r) Cv2 Autoantibody Test  
4683 Recombx(r) Mata Autoantibody Test  
4689 Recombx(r) Zic4 Autoanitobdy Test  
40035 Rhinovirus Rna, Rt-pcr [47660]  
4141 Risperidone And Metabolite  
4459 Ristocetin Cofactor [4459x]  
4422 Rubella Antibody (igm)  
4942 Scl-70 Antibody  
4875 Selenium  
4875U Selenium 24hr Urine  
4875R Selenium Rbc  
4875UR Selenium Urine Random  
4161 Stone Analysis  
4155 Stone Analysis Without Image  
442 Stonerisk(r) Diagnostic Profile  
4423 Streptococcus Group B Antigen, LA  
4460 Streptococcus pneumoniae Antigen Detection, LA  
4862 Tetanus Antitoxoid  
4960 Trazodone, Serum  
4333UR Uric Acid,Random Urine without Creatinine  
4439 Varicella-zoster Virus Antibody (igg)  
4128X Vdrl, Csf  
4489 Vibrio, Culture  
4919X Von Willebrand Factor Antigen [4919x]  
4487 Yersinia, Culture  
4877 Zinc  

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