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2519 Acacia (t19) Ige  
23865 Acarus Siro (d70) Ige  
201 Acetaminophen  
205 Acetone  
206 Acetylcholine Receptor Binding Antibody  
26474 Acetylcholine Receptor Modulating Antibody  
22 Activated Protein C Resistance [22]  
21799 Advance Beneficiary Notice  
2935 Afb Identification By Dna Probe [gen Probe]  
2939 Afb Identification By Dna Probe [gen Probe] W/reflex Hplc  
223 Albumin  
224 Albumin, Csf  
2502 Alder (t2) Ige  
227 Aldolase  
234 Alkaline Phosphatase  
231 Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes  
29498 Alkaline Phosphatase, Bone Specific  
2820 Almond (f20) Ige  
232 Alpha-Fetoprotein, Amniotic Fluid and Reflex to AchE and Fetal Hgb  
237 Alpha-fetoprotein, Tumor Marker  
2851 Alpha-lactalbumin (f76) Ige  
2706 Alternaria Alternata (m6) Ige  
2958 Aluminum  
236 Amikacin  
250 Amikacin, Peak & Trough  
29881 Amino Acid Analysis, Lc/ms, Csf  
243 Amylase  
249 Ana Screen, Ifa, With Reflex To Titer And Pattern  
2562 Anchovy (f313) Ige**  
2625 Anise (f271) Ige**  
265 Anti-streptolysin O Antibody (aso)  
216 Antithrombin Iii Activity [216]  
2849 Apple (f49) Ige  
2563 Apricot (f237) Ige  
269 Arsenic, Blood  
270 Arsenic, Urine  
2741 Ascaris (p1) Ige  
2626 Asparagus (f261) Ige **  
2703 Aspergillus Fumigatus (m3) Ige  
2317 Bahia Grass (g17) Ige  
2619 Bamboo Shoot (phyllostachys Pubescens) (f51) Ige  
2806 Barley (f6) Ige  
2749 Barley Pollen (g201) Ige  
2564 Basil (f269) Ige **  
2628 Bay Leaf (f278) Ige**  
2505 Beech (t5) Ige  
2827 Beef (f27) Ige  
2900 Berlin Beetle (i76) Ige  
2302 Bermuda Grass (g2) Ige  
2852 Beta-lactoglobulin (f77) Ige  
2503X Birch (t3) Ige  
2561 Black Pepper (f280) Ige  
2630 Blackberry (f211) Ige**  
2738 Blood Worm (i73) Ige  
2837 Blue Mussel (f37) Ige  
2568 Blueberry (f288) Ige**  
2818 Brazil Nut (f18) Ige  
2631 Broccoli (f260) Ige  
2311 Brome Grass (g11) Ige  
2569 Brussel Sprouts (f217) Ige**  
2612 Bsa (bovine Serum Albumin) (e204) Ige**  
2811 Buckwheat (f11) Ige  
297 C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Functional  
298 C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Protein  
29493 Ca 27.29  
2632 Cabbage (f216) Ige  
299 Cadmium, Blood  
2542 Canary Bird Feathers (e201) Ige  
2371 Canary Grass (g71) Ige  
2705 Candida Albicans (m5) Ige  
2633 Caraway (carum Carvi)(f265) Ige**  
2600 Cardamon (elettaria Cardamomum) (f267) Ige**  
2634 Carob (f296) Ige**  
2831 Carrot (f31) Ige  
2853 Casein (f78) Ige  
2608 Cashew Nut (f202) Ige  
2751 Castor Bean (k71) Ige  
2601 Cat Dander (e1) Ige  
2635 Cauliflower (f291) Ige**  
2860 Celery (f85) Ige  
2858 Cheddar Cheese (f81) Ige  
2859 Cheese Mold Type (f82) Ige  
2609 Cherry (f242) Ige  
2636 Chestnut (sweet) (f299) Ige  
2651 Chicken Feathers (e85) Ige  
2857 Chicken Meat (f83) Ige  
2610 Chili Pepper (f279) Ige**  
29479 Chlamydia and Chlamydophila Antibody Panel 3 (IgG,IgA,IgM)  
2440 Chlamydia Trachomatis Antigen, Dfa  
2400 Chlamydiae Species Culture  
2550 Chub Mackerel (f50) Ige  
2637 Cinnamon (f220) Ige**  
2702 Cladosporium Herbarum (m2) Ige  
2638 Clove (f268) Ige**  
2413 Cocklebur (w13) Ige  
2736 Cockroach (i6) Ige  
2875 Cocoa (f93) Ige  
2836 Coconut (f36) Ige  
2803 Codfish (f3) Ige  
2915 Coffee (f221) Ige**  
2620 Common Millet (f55) Ige  
2401 Common Ragweed (short) (w1) Ige  
2307 Common Reed (g7) Ige  
23862 Cotton Seed (k83) Ige**  
2514 Cottonwood (t14) Ige  
2604 Cow Dander (e4) Ige  
2802 Cow's Milk (f2) Ige  
2823 Crab (f23) Ige  
2639 Cucumber (f244) Ige  
2314 Cultivated Oat (g14) Ige  
2312 Cultivated Rye Grass (g12) Ige  
2315 Cultivated Wheat (g15) Ige  
20541 Culture, Yeast, With Identification  
2916 Curry (f281) Ige**  
2627 Cytomegalovirus, Conventional And Rapid Culture  
2408 Dandelion (w8) Ige  
2640 Date (f289) Ige**  
20416 Dermato. Microceras (d3) Ige  
2722 Dermatophagoides Farinae (d2) Ige  
2721 Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus (d1) Ige  
2918 Dill (f277) Ige**  
255 Dna (ds) Antibody  
256 Dnase-b Antibody  
2605 Dog Dander (e5) Ige  
2664 Duck Feathers (e86) Ige  
2919 Egg Mix (yolk & White) (f245) Ige  
2801 Egg White (f1) Ige  
2856 Egg Yolk (f75) Ige  
2642 Eggplant (f262) Ige**  
2508 Elm (t8) Ige  
2409X English Plantain (w9) Ige  
23244 Estrone  
214 Ethosuximide  
2518 Eucalyptus (t18) Ige  
2800 European Hornet (i75) Ige  
2404 False Ragweed (w4) Ige  
2643 Fennel Seed (f219) Ige**  
2545 Ferret Epithelium (e217) Ige**  
23861 Ficus Species (k81) Ige  
2739 Fire Ant (i70) Ige  
2417X Firebush (w17) Ige  
2020 Follicle-stimulating Hormone & Luteinizing Hormone Eval  
29496 Food Specific Igg Allergy Panel 1  
26500 Formic Acid, Serum/plasma [2134sp]  
2558 Foxtail Millet (f56) Ige  
29812 Fructose, Semen  
2104 Fta-abs  
2847 Garlic (f47) Ige  
2614 Gerbil (e209) Ige**  
2403 Giant Ragweed (tall) (w3) Ige  
2644 Ginger (f270) Ige**  
257 Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibody (igg)  
2854 Gluten (f79) Ige  
2727 Glycyphagus Domesticus (d73) Ige  
2656 Goat Epithelia (e80) Ige  
2922 Goat Milk (f300) Ige **  
2412X Goldenrod (w12) Ige  
2661 Goose Feathers (e70) Ige  
2675 Grape (f259) Ige  
2923 Grapefruit (f209) Ige  
2680 Green Bean (f315) Ige**  
2752 Green Coffee Bean (k70) Ige  
2931 Green Pepper (unripe) (f263) Ige**  
2682 Guar Bean Gum (f246) Ige**  
2975 Guava (f292) Ige**  
2606 Guinea Pig Epithelia (e6)  
2684 Gum Arabic (f297) Ige**  
2998 Halibut (f303) Ige**  
2652 Hamster Epithelia (e84) Ige  
2504 Hazel Nut Tree (t4) Ige  
2817 Hazelnut (f17) Ige  
2451 Hepatitis A Virus Igm Abs  
2457 Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Igm  
2452 Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Total  
2476 Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Total W/reflex To Igm  
2453 Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Qualitative  
2454 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen With Reflex To Confirmation  
27 Hepatitis Be Panel  
2692 Herpes Simplex Virus Culture  
2649 Herpes Simplex Virus Culture With Reflex To Typing  
2707 Herring (f205) Ige  
2522 Hickory/pecan Tree (t22) Ige  
2731X Honey Bee (i1) Ige  
2603 Horse Dander (e3) Ige  
2546 Horse Serum (e205) Ige **  
2711 House Dust (greer) (h1) Ige  
2712 House Dust (hollister-stier) (h2) Ige  
213 Immunofixation, Urine  
2423 Influenza Virus, Types A & B Detection [dfa]  
2755 Insulin, Bovine (c71) Ige**  
2760 Insulin, Human (c73) Ige  
2754 Insulin, Porcine (c70) Ige**  
2753 Ispaghula (psyllium)(k72) Ige  
2523X Italian Cypress (t23) Ige  
2560 Jack Mackerel Scad (f60) Ige  
23863 Japanese Cedar (t17) Ige  
2621 Japanese Millet (f57) Ige  
2310 Johnson Grass (g10) Ige  
2308 June Grass(kentucky Blue) (g8) Ige  
29914 Ki-67, Ihc With Interpretation  

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