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17180 17-Hydroxyprogesterone  
17654 17-hydroxyprogesterone, Neonatal/Infant  
1648 5-hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-hiaa), Random Urine  
16029 ABL Kinase Domain Mutation in CML, Cell-based  
16924 Accutype(r) Cp, Clopidogrel Cyp2c19 Genotype  
16925 Accutype(r) Cp, Clopidogrel Cyp2c19 Genotype (ny)  
16160 Accutype(r) Warfarin  
15043 Actin (smooth Muscle) Antibody (igg)  
19704 Activated Protein C Resistance With Rflx To Factor V (leiden  
14846 Acylcarnitine, Plasma (NY)  
14531 Acylcarnitines, Plasma  
14532 Adamts13 Activity With Reflex To Inhibitor  
17696 Adenosine Deaminase, Pleural Fluid  
10642 Admark(r)apoe Genotype Anal. And Interp. (symptomatic) [109]  
17460 Aeromonas And Plesiomonas Culture, Stool  
1347 Alanine Aminotransferase (alt)  
17411 Albumin, Pericardial Fluid  
17412 Albumin, Peritoneal Fluid  
17413 Albumin, Pleural Fluid  
19552 Aldosterone, 24-hour Urine  
17181 Aldosterone, LC/MS  
16845 Aldosterone/plasma Renin Activity Ratio, Lc/ms/ms  
15340 Alpha-1-antitrypsin (aat) Mutation Analysis, Genotype  
1513 Alpha-1-antitrypsin, Quantitative  
17850 Alpha-Fetoprotein, Amniotic Fluid and Reflex to AchE and Fetal Hgb (NY)  
17409 Alpha-fetoprotein, Csf  
17410 Alpha-fetoprotein, Peritoneal Fluid  
17555 Alpha-fetoprotein, Pleural Fluid  
11175 Alpha-globin Common Mutation Analysis  
11174 Alpha-globin Common Mutation Analysis [ny]  
10281 Alternaria Alternata (m6) Igg  
14451 Aluminum, 24-hour Urine without Creatinine  
17414 Amylase, Peritoneal Fluid  
17415 Amylase, Pleural Fluid  
10716 Ana Scr, Ifa W/refl Titer/pattern/lupus Pnl 4  
16814 Ana Scr,ifa,w/rfx Titer/pattern And Rfx Mplx 11 Ab Cascade  
10611 Anaplasma Phagocytophilum And Ehrlichia Chaffeensis Ab Panel  
17320 Anaplasma Phagocytophilum Dna, Qualitative Real-time Pcr  
17182 Androstenedione  
16404 Antimicrobial Combination Testing, Synergy, 2 Drugs  
19872 Antiphospholipid Syndrome Diagnostic Panel  
15922 Aripiprazole, Quantitative, Serum/plasma  
10779 Arizona Cypress(cupressus Arizonica) (t222) Ige  
14950 Aspergillus Antigen, Eia, Serum  
18873 Aspergillus Dna, Qualitative Real-time Pcr  
17231 Babesia Duncani (wa1) Antibody (igg), Ifa  
17221 Bacterial 16s Rdna Sequencing  
14673 Bacterial Identification And Susceptibility, Aerobic  
14577 Bacterial Vaginosis/Vaginitis Panel  
10165 Basic Metabolic Panel  
19108 Basic Metabolic Panel Without Egfr  
19130 Bcl-2, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19132 Berep4, Ihc With Interpretation  
19289 Berep4, Ihc Without Interpretation  
10640 Beta-2 Transferrin  
14974 Beta-Globin Complete  
14979 Beta-globin Complete (NY)  
19546 Bile Acids, Fractionated & Total, Pregnancy  
14801 Bile Acids, Total  
11068 Bk And Jc Virus Dna, Qualitative Real-time Pcr  
11274 Bk Virus Dna, Quantitative Real-time Pcr, Plasma  
17082 Black Pepper (f280) Igg  
10107 Bladder Cancer Fish  
17368 Blood Urea Nitrogen, Body Fluid  
11365 Bordetella Pertussis/parapertussis Dna, Qualitative, Rt-pcr  
16314 Buprenorphine, Quantitative, Urine  
15843 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 2 Specimens  
15844 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 3 Specimens  
15845 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 4 Specimens  
15846 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 6 Specimens  
15847 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 7 Specimens  
15848 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 8 Specimens  
15448 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 9 Specimens  
17401 C-reactive Protein, High Sensitivity, Csf  
11335 C4 Binding Protein, Serum  
19956 C4a Level By RIA [C4AR]  
17643 CA 19-9, Pericardial Fluid  
17642 CA 19-9, Pleural Fluid  
17419 Ca 27.29,csf  
14755 CAH (21-hydroxylase Deficiency) Common Mutations  
14578 Calcium, Random Urine Without Creatinine  
16796 Calprotectin, Stool  
17270 Candida-induced Lymphocyte Proliferation  
18948 Carbamazepine, Free  
18869 Carbapenemase Detection, Phenotypic  
10625 Carmine/red Dye Cochineal Extract (f340) Ige**  
19150 Cd10, Ihc With Interpretation  
19301 Cd10, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19170 Cd138, Ihc With Interpretation  
19313 Cd138, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19144 Cd1a, Ihc With Interpretation  
19449 Cd1a, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19152 Cd20, Ihc Without Interpretation  
10024 Cd3, Ihc With Interpretation  
19145 Cd3, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19154 Cd31, Ihc With Interpretation  
19302 Cd31, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19156 Cd34, Ihc With Interpretation  
19303 Cd34, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19146 Cd4, Ihc With Interpretation  
19298 Cd4, Ihc Without Interpretation  
10868 Cd43, Ihc With Interpretation  
19159 Cd43, Ihc Without Interpretation  
15798 Cd45 (leukocyte Common Antigen), Ihc With Interpretation  
19160 Cd45 (leukocyte Common Antigen), Ihc Without Interpretation  
19147 Cd5, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19860 Cd57, Cd3, Cd8, Flow Cytometry  
19164 Cd68, Ihc With Interpretation  
19309 Cd68, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19149 Cd8, Ihc With Interpretation  
19300 Cd8, Ihc Without Interpretation  
17420 Cea, Csf  
17421 Cea, Peritoneal Fluid  
17572 Cedar (rt212) Ige**  
19955 Celiac Disease Comprehensive Panel  
15981 Celiac Disease Comprehensive Panel, Infant  
12786 Celiac Disease Serology  
16088 Centromere B Antibody  
10536 Chicken Droppings (e218) Ige**  
10659 Childhood Allergy(food & Environmental) Profile  
11361 Chlamydia Trachomatis Rna, Tma, Urogenital  
15031 Chlamydia Trachomatis, Tma (alternate Target), Urogenital  
16506 Chlamydia Trachomatis/neisseria Gonorrhoeae Rna, Tma, Rectal  
11363 Chlamydia/ N.gonorrhoeae Rna, Tma, Urogenital  
1645 Chloride, Random Urine with Creatinine  
14520 Chloride, Random Urine without Creatinine  
18983 Chrom Anal, Hi Resol W/rfl Postnatal Clarisure(r) Oligo-snp  
18980 Chrom.analysis, Bl W/rfx To Postnatal Clarisure(r) Oligo-snp  
11278 Chromium, Urine  
16379 Chromogranin A  
16478 Chromosomal Microarray, Postnatal, Clarisure(r) Oligo-snp  
14596 Chromosome Analysis, Blood  
14595 Chromosome Analysis, High Resolution  
10099 Chromosome Study, Blood (slide Analysis & Report) [10099x]  
11004 Citric Acid, Urine with Creatinine  
16377 Clostridium Difficile Toxin B, Qualitative Real-time Pcr  
1769X Clozapine  
14761 Cobalt, 24-hour Urine  
14698 Cocaine Metabolites, Without Confirmation, Urine  
19963 Coccidioides Antibodies To Tp & F Antigens, Id  
14760 Coccidioides Immitis Identification, Dna Probe  
19826 Coenzyme Q10  
17406 Collagen Type I C-telopeptide (ctx)  
16983 Colovantage(r) (methylated Septin 9)  
16984 Colovantage(r) (methylated Septin 9)[ny]  
10231 Comprehensive Metabolic Panel  
15319 Copper, Random Urine  
11236 Coriander/cilantro (f317) Ige**  
18921 Cortisol, LC/MS, Saliva, 4 Samples  
19897 Cortisol, LC/MS Saliva  
14535 Cotton, Crude Fibers (01) Ige  
1320 Creatinine  
1320U Creatinine 24hr Urine  
1320UR Creatinine Urine Random  
17422 Creatinine, Peritoneal Fluid  
11196 Cryptococcal Antigen,latex Screen W/reflex To Titer  
18899 Cutaneous Direct Immunofluorescence  
11173 Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (ccp) Antibody (igg)  
15474 Cyclin-d1 (bcl-1), Ihc With Interpretation  
19176 Cyclin-d1 (bcl-1), Ihc Without Interpretation  
10018 Cyclospora And Isospora Examination  
10719 Cyclosporine A Peak (2 Hr), Blood  
15220 Cyclosporine A Trough, Lcmsms, Blood  
10917 Cystic Fibrosis Complete Rare Variant, Entire Gene Sequence  
10913 Cystic Fibrosis Rare Variant Analysis, One Exon  
10458 Cystic Fibrosis Screen  
10947 Cystine, 24-hour Urine  
10490 Cytochrome P450 2d6 Genotype  
14589 Cytochrome P450 2d6 Genotype (ny)  
19178 Cytokeratin 7, Ihc With Interpretation  
19320 Cytokeratin 7, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19180 Cytokeratin 8 And 18 (cam 5.2), Ihc With Interpretation  
19322 Cytokeratin 8 And 18 (cam 5.2), Ihc Without Interpretation  
19186 Cytokeratin Ae1/ae3, Ihc Without Interpretation  
14980 Cytomegalovirus (cmv) Genotype  
10601 Cytomegalovirus Dna, Qualitative, Real-time Pcr  
10600 Cytomegalovirus Dna, Quantitative, Real-time Pcr  
19583 Cytomegalovirus Igg Avidity  
10713 Date (tree)(phoenix Canariensis)(t214) Ige**  
18928 Dengue Virus Rna, Qualitative Real-time Pcr  
19192 Desmin, Ihc With Interpretation  
19333 Desmin, Ihc Without Interpretation  
15507 Dextro/levo Methorphan, Urine, Lc/ms/ms  
19894 DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), Unconjugated  
15538 Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase (dpd) Gene Mutation Analysis  
19701 Disaccharidases  
16093 Dna (ds) Antibody, High Avidity Elisa  
17388 Donor, Cytomegalovirus Antibody, Total  
19412 Donor, West Nile Virus Nat  
19766X Drug Abuse Screen 5, Without Confirmation, Serum  
19733 Drug Abuse Screen 9, With Confirmation, Serum  
16217 Drug Monitoring, Alcohol Metabolite, Quantitative, Urine  
16457 Drug Monitoring, Base Panel, with Confirmation, Urine  
16259 Drug Monitoring, Base Panel, with Confirmation, with medMATCH, Urine  
16914 Drug Monitoring, Benzodiazepines, Quantitative, Urine  
16887 Drug Monitoring,Benzodiazepines, with Confirmation, Urine  
15780 Drvvt Screen W/rfl Drvvt Confirm & Drvvt 1:1 Mix  
16823 Duloxetine, Serum/plasma [4666sp]  
14678 Dystonia (dyt1) Dna Test [626]  
17709 Egg Whole Igg4* [47822]  

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